Ready, Set, and Go!: My SEO Strategy for 2024

Ready, Set, and Go!: My SEO Strategy for 2024

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In this post, you are going to learn my main SEO strategy for 2024, and I think it’s going to be an evergreen SEO strategy for me. I always try to find a solid foundation for every strategy, every thought, every unique idea. 

Sometimes, I do something without thinking of a backstory because I see it works. You might be successful when you do that, but you can not add your ideas to this main idea because you need to completely understand the thing so that you might break something. 

Probably you came across with the famous HR question:

If you don’t internalize the topic well, you can not do it.

This is a strategy I agree entirely with and trust in. That’s why I said this will be my evergreen SEO strategy. Of course, according to the industry and changes, I will adapt it. But the foundation of it is really solid. You are going to understand just in a minute.


Method vs Strategy

So this was another dilemma for me for a long time. I didn’t think they were separate things. So we need to understand that:

Strategy is the action plan that takes you where you want to go, the tactics are the individual steps and actions that will get you there. – Asana 

Our base plan is, most of the time, stay the same. But the tactics to reach our goal keep changing according to the industry, user behaviors, and technology.

80/20 Rule for SEO

I’m sure you know the 80/20 rule in another name, the Pareto Principle. As an SEO enthusiast and idealist like you, I also would like to see a continuously increasing crawl budget, zero error notifications on Google Search Console, perfectly optimized content, super-fast websites, and bulletproof %100 relevant backlink profiles.

But we are not living in an ideal world. Based on our long- and short-term projects and goals, we are trying to make money fast.

So I always prioritize the problems and their return; basically, when I find a problem, I calculate (at least roughly) the ROI. I suggest the same to you. Always try to solve the problems that bring the most value very fast. So also, we will focus on the top %20 problems to bring %80 results.


My SEO Strategy for 2024

It’s a combination of a few strategies. But before everything, I want to say it’s a human-centric approach. Not just for search engines or getting organic traffic. You always consider users and monetization. Otherwise, you may easily observe huge traffic boners, but what will you do with this traffic without converting it? So, let’s start.

Step 1 – Creating a Topical Map – Don’t Make it Over Complicated

The core of our strategy begins with the creation of a topical map. In this phase, I cover every single topic related to the main topic. This is not the short-term traffic bringer part. This part is for the new users who want to find out what this site is about, if they could trust this website if they could trust the author, and if the website is authoritative in the industry.

In this part we are not looking for search volume or monetization methods. We only focus on the relevance and covering the topic as much as possible. It depends on your goal, time, effort and budget of course. I would start with main topics. After that try to cover the sub-topics for each main topic until it seems natural. They choose one sub-topics and try to create all clusters for that. When I finish (It will never finish entirely, you need to check the topics frequently if there is a new topic or questions) the clusters of the topic, I move next topic and so on.

So, to complete this part, we must create and optimize the content. But let’s keep in mind the 80/20 rule. Don’t start to work on every single content from day one because there is an indexation process. To start getting traffic, we will need a few weeks at least. So we will create the content with AI, then prioritize them and edit them individually. 

Example of Topical Map for Office Design Website

When you complete your topical map, it might seem like that, BUT name of the game is

So it’s like a chess; every content supports to one upper level. You may start from top to bottom or bottom to top. It’s up to you. Or you may follow my path. We are trying to reach same point at the end.

Step 2 – SEO Avalance + KGR aka “No Search – No Competition Keywords”

Thanks to the beautiful mind of the SEO industry: CCarter’s “SEO Avalanche Technique – Ranking With No Resources” post at Builder Society . The strategy is simple and easy and totally sits on a good idea. So roughly, our aim is for new websites to find really low-competition keywords and create specific content to cover these keywords on a scale that considers our website’s “authority”. If you have a websites that’s already generate traffic, you may start from your website’s tier. Also I need to mention that tiers are hypotatical, a starting point to tell the strategy. So you need to test and find your tier.

First, we create our foundation, aka money pages and convincing pages, for Google to understand our website’s topic, for users to show our authority, and to increase our brand awareness.

Then we will find low search volume, low competition keywords (Considering the our website’s tier according to the SEO Avalanche technique) to target and create content for that. With these keywords we start to getting traffic very quickly.

Step 3 –  Content Creation and Editing Process – AI <3 Human

Overall, the strategy creation phase would take the majority of the time for the project. We need to build a comprehensive topical map and find the right keywords for the main pages as well as lots of low-competition keywords for the SEO Avalance method. 

Then, we need to create a content calendar for them. I am actually creating content for every row on our Google Sheet.  If you are an enterprise-level company or you have a budget to invest, you may speed up the whole process easily. But as solo entrepreneurs, we need to find a way to speed up the process as cheaply as possible without giving up on the quality, of course. So AI content creation comes in the scene.

I found a beautiful tool for content creation with AI from Jacky Chou from Indexsy. I highly recommend checking his AI Writer Comparison video. I’m using (affiliate link) right now. I will probably stick to using it. It’s so easy to use, fast, has a nice UI, and bulk content creation; they are adding new features like crazy. Also invested by Charles Float. Besides everything, it works with bring your own API key style. So, the latest AI technology is at a minimum price. So this is my main tool so far. But I will give it a try. I will try other ones for sure.

This is the foundation, and this is 80% of the SEO strategy 2024. I will get into the nitty-gritty details later on.

Step 4 – A Simple Off-Page Strategy

I will try to be a good boy for this part (as much as I can 😉 ) But the main idea will be around Glenn Allsop The Super 100 strategy. It’s basicly covers detecting the top peoples in the target industry and being friend with them basicly . It’s a very general explanation I know, I will get in details in the future.

Step 5 And So On – This Part is More About The %20 Part

This part is for polishing the strategy on the road. If there are changes in the industry, this part covers that. So I may change the AI writer tool, and there might be a new structured data template. I may find a loophole in the algorithm, and there will probably be lots of Google updates. But the main strategy is solid and evergreen, no matter what changes this strategy can be applicable most of the cases and time.

Besides Organic Traffic Strategy: Traffic Leaking

After I plan and set up everything about getting organic traffic, I will start to implement traffic leaking strategies. Traffic leaking means you will try to get traffic from different sources but organic (Google). In that way, you will not rely only on organic traffic and be more independent. Again, in that way, your website will be more Google algo update proof. You may lose your organic traffic, but if you play your card right, you will not lose your revenue. It is all about building a real brand.

You can get traffic from email newsletters, social media, forums, Q&A platforms, etc. We will try to get potential customers contact informations as soon as possible when they land on our websites throuth organic, refferal, social media etc. The main goal is to reach them directly. You may check CCarters project on Traffic Leaking for more information.



Right now, you know my SEO strategy for 2024. I highly recommend taking action with this plan and thinking later. Next post I will share how I create topical map. So if you don’t want to miss it, you may follow me on LinkedIn or X.


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