Challenge Accepted!: My Challenges and KPIs for 2024

Challenge Accepted!: My Challenges and KPIs for 2024

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In this blog post, you will read my professional goals such as building a personal brand, building, buying, and investing in digital assets (like niche websites, web and app applications, community, e-mail lists, etc.), finding partnerships to make profitable business deals, and a few of my personal goals such as weight loss, longevity, and a sky is the limit goal. 

A Little Observation About Me

I started to prepare for 2024 goals around Jun 2023 so I have been planning 2024 for almost six months. First, I needed to consider and decide which way I wanted to go with my life. It’s been so late to realize that it keeps changing and it will. So I needed to accept that fact and keep adapting the idea. If you are in the same era in your life I suggest the same thing to you. Find what you love RIGHT NOW, make plans, and take action immediately. Analysis paralysis is a real thing so #YOLO.

So let’s get this done!


Building Personal Brands

Web Site

So I have a website, X, and LinkedIn account. Almost %90 is done, right? Let’s put the joke aside I will not set a traffic goal for my website, I will use this website as a main asset of the campaign. The main purpose of this website is to have a customizable place to show my experience and transfer knowledge. Also, grow my network. At the end of the day, we are trying to reach only the right person (Yes, singular). The main goal for this one will be publishing frequency so let’s put it at 12 content, content for each month.

Social Media Subscriber Counts

I will not get into my strategies yet but the main strategy (The Super 100 strategy of Glenn Allsop the founder of Detailed, SEOBlueprint, and many others), is providing unrequited help to people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slack/Discord communities. And let’s put 1.000 Subscribers/Followers until the end of 2024.

Newsletter Email Counts

The newsletters are going to be a bit more detailed and uncensored than social media posts. So it will take much time to create something for social media. Let’s say publishing 24 newsletters for 2024. And 1.000 for the subscribe count. 

Attended Event Counts

This is the hard one for me because I’m an introverted person. But I will try my best to attend as much as possible “people interaction” in 2024 🙂 So Chang Mai SEO conference is in the pocket already. My goal is to attend 6 different digital marketing events as a speaker first or else listener.

Increasing Passive Income through Different Channels

After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book and the other book in the series, “How to Get Rich” or another saying “How to Get Financial Liberty” thought gets brighter and brighter. I have a few different strategies on that for 2024. 

Creating Digital Assets (Niche Websites, Partnerships, Web and Mobile Apps)

This is not just for getting passive income, it is beneficial for my professional career. I will get better when I have many digital assets to test and learn. I will get into details later. Saying details means DETAILS!

So far so good I have 10 different projects. I will create another post to show my niche website strategies for 2024 but so far there are the websites and their distinguishing features. I need websites with different histories, different strengths, and weaknesses to test my theories and hypotheses.

Site IDAliasAboutNiche
1Niche Site 1Aged DomainFood
2Niche Site 2Auction DomainHobby
3Niche Site 3Auction DomainDesign
4Niche Site 4Auction Domain, abused link profileTravel
5Partner Site 1Steady traffic websiteTravel – Foreign
6Partner Site 2Steady traffic websiteArt – Foreign
7Partner Site 3Aged domain with some trafficFood – Foreign
8Partner Site 4Aged domain.Design / Productivity
9Partner Site 5Established E-Com websiteFood – E-Com
10Niche Site 5New DomainFinance


I’d like to refer same book again here: I need to increase my investments. It could be stocks, crypto, property, or something else. (A few months ago I seriously wanted to invest in Tuk Tuk because their Chicken Tikka Massall is one of the world’s heritage. Falafel Street, you are the next! (I guess I don’t need to mention my favorite dish from them)

Health and Wellness Goals

Sitting in front of the computer is not healthy for sure. So I (and my wife) already started to consult with a nutritionist and personal trainer. It has been 2 months already and we are getting great results so far it’s been almost -20KG together. 

Weight Loss

So for this one, I will try to get down 80kg with a 15-20% fat ratio.

Preparing for the 2025 IronMan

I didn’t get this far before. I tried many times I got some results but I reverted. But this time my main goal is not losing weight, it’s much bigger than that.

In general, I’m focusing on longevity and endurance for the rest of my life. So that being said, I will prepare one of the Ironman events for 2025. I live in Malta so there are no flat and wide roads, so still trying to figure out the cycling part. If not Ironman, I will attend a few marathons.


So this is the first post of my blog. Now you know what you are going to see in this blog during 2024. In short, you will see lots of digital marketing details especially SEO from a solo entrepreneur’s eyes. So you can follow me on X or LinkedIn. Also, you can join my e-mail newsletter. I could blur and sensor some information over here but the newsletters will be “no holds barred” style.

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